Categories: News SectionPublished On: 2023年4月1日

Recently, the fourth and fifth council meeting of the Shanghai Printing Industry Association and the “Implementing Intelligence, Promoting High-Quality Development of Shanghai Printing Industry” report meeting were held at the Century Publishing Garden Auditorium. More than 160 people attended the meeting, including the chairman, supervisors, all directors, some member representatives, heads of various committees of the Shanghai Printing Association, and leaders of various printing associations.

During the meeting, the “Implementing Intelligence, Promoting High-Quality Development of Shanghai Printing Industry” report meeting was held in the First Printing Lecture Hall. As a company that has been vigorously promoting digital and intelligent transformation in the packaging manufacturing industry early on, Shanghai Ailu Packaging Co., Ltd.’s Chief Information Officer, Zhang Wenhui, and the General Manager of Ailu’s subsidiary, REVOPAC Packaging Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Cao Liancheng, were invited to attend and give speeches. They shared insights on the construction of “Green Smart Factory” and the development status of “Intelligent Hardware,” respectively, providing in-depth analysis and discussion from different perspectives.

Highly Customized ERP System:

  • Integrated business and finance for effective production management
  • Open-source with independent deep customization
  • Grouped
  • Excellent cross-system integration capabilities

Key application modules:
Technical research and development, sales, work order management, production, material planning, inventory, procurement, finance, outsourcing.

Real-time online inspection of printing quality:

  • Digitized management of printing processes
  • Automatic ink adjustment system
  • Printing production scheduling system

Intelligent Packaging System Solutions:
Aiming for high precision, efficiency, and low pollution
Step 1: Material analysis
Accurate understanding of material characteristics, formulation of reasonable feeding schemes.
Step 2: Packaging machine selection
Multiple choices to meet customer needs, suitable for different material filling.
Step 3: Line matching
Diversified post-process matching facilities to achieve full automation of packaging, meeting customer capacity requirements.

Through this conference exchange, Shanghai Ailu not only broadened the vision for the intelligent and informational development of the printing industry but also will continue to respond to the industry’s call, strengthen cooperation with various units, and make efforts to further clarify the direction and strengthen confidence in the high-quality development of the industry.