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Industry Multi-Wall Paper Bag
  • Customer Value: User-friendly Experience
  • High-speed Filling: Enhanced Efficiency
  • Dust Control: Improved Safety
  • Optimal Palletization: Enhanced Aesthetics
  • High-strength Bag Body: Better Protection
Double-Layer Peelable FFS Packaging Bag
  • Customer Value: Clean Packaging Overall Solution
  • Peelable, Food-Grade, High Cleanliness, Safer
  • 100% PE composition, single component, fully recyclable
High barrier easy peel composite film
  • Easy to recycle, more environmentally friendly with a single material reaching
    90%-95% or more
  • Light barrier
  • Oxygen barrier
  • Water barrier
Secondary Paper Packaging Without Plastic
  • Adaptable to High-Speed Packaging Needs
  • Flexible to Different Machine Types
  • Excellent Brand Performance
    Comfortable Consumer Experience
  • Green and Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable Packaging Material
Intelligent Filling Equipment
  • Integration and automation
  • Providing complete solutions for conveyor, palletizing, and shrink wrapping equipment.
High Barrier Freshness-locking Film
  • Extend shelf life by 9-12 months
  • Prevent food from discoloration and deterioration due to light sensitivity
  • Preserve the authentic flavor of food
  • Enhance factory production efficiency

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