Value-Added Services

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Vendor-Managed Inventory

VMI(Vendor-Managed Inventory) enables quicker response to market demands, reduces inventory risks, and enhances supply chain collaboration through information sharing. This strategy lowers inventory costs, improves inventory turnover, and strengthens overall supply chain efficiency.

Local Warehouse
AILU relies on open country plant locations to provide local warehousing services. Products are prioritized for delivery to the transit warehouse in the customer’s country.

Shareing inventory Information
We can provide real-time access to open country on the inventory at local warehouses, the quantities in the sea shipment and the stock levels at AILU through both computer and mobile devices. This enables open country to have up-to-date inventory information, allowing for better material and production planning adjustments.

Order On Demand
Our finished goods will be directly sent to local warehouses , based on forecast for each plant to ensure the prompt and safe supply service.

Inventory Warning
Configurable multi-condition inventory alerts will notify users via email as soon as the warning threshold is triggered.

QR codes Application

Ailu Group provides barcode value-added services, printing barcodes on packaging bags to meet customer needs in efficient product information inquiry, traceability, interactive marketing, and other aspects.

Product Information Inquiry
Users can scan the barcode to query product details, such as production date, shelf life, raw materials, and nutritional information.

Traceability Service
If a product has a problem, users can scan the barcode to view the product’s production process and supply chain information, helping businesses and consumers trace the source of the problem.

Interactive Marketing
Businesses can use barcodes for interactive marketing, such as offering users rewards like points, coupons, or participating in drawings and rebate program by scanning the barcode.