Block Bottom Bag

Block Bottom Bag is available in a multitude of combinations of materials and features. Block Bottom bag is available in coated material, laminated,with free film between the paper plies or with a greaseproof paper barrier. Different external finishes (matte/glossy effect) are available.

Pasted valve bag

Features & Benefits

  • Flush cut opening
  • Multiple moisture barrier options
  • Block bottom bag with side gusset
  • PE tube can be made peelable , no paper fiber after peeling
  • Matte or glossy finish
  • Thumb notch available
  • Available with Easy-Open feature
  • Construction allows bag to stand up unsupported
Block Bottom Bag


Width :
180 mm – 740 mm

Bottom :
70 mm – 250 mm

Length :
290 mm – 1310 mm

Multilayer laminate :
up to 350 µm thickness

Number of plies :
1 – 5

Colour printing :
Up to 8-colour printing available

Loading Capacity :
10-110lb Capacity

Base paper :
Paper quality options range from 70gsm to 120gsm, offering both greaseproof and non-greaseproof variations, coupled with diverse coated materials or films.

Block Bottom Bag With M Folds

Need a M fold, custom size, and print? We offer fully customized bag options for your business.


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