Industrial Multi-Wall Paper Bag

Multi-wall paper bags are created to provide strong protection for many products. They usually consist of several layers such as 2 or 3 layers heavy-duty extensible kraft paper which gives this type of bag high elasticity and high tear resistance. It is a perfect choice for products requiring packaging with high demands for safety and durability.

Industrial Plastic Packaging

Quality plastic bags that guarantee excellence in design, structure and performance. For the quick and dust-free filling of powdery materials through the use of a unique venting system and ultrasonically sealed, extended valve technology.

  • Plastic Valve Bag

  • Plastic FFS Film

  • Plastic Open Mouth Bag

Smart Filling System

In chemical, food, building materials, new energy, mineral processing and other industries, we have the ability to provide entire line solutions including material handling, weighing, robotic packaging, palletizing, stretch hooding, etc. Moreover, we can customize dedi- cated systems and ensure high-quality after-sale services for our customers.

  • Revopac Filling Family

  • Valve Bag Packaging Machine

  • Robotic Bag Placer

  • Automatic Valve Bag Packaging Line (Negative Pressure Type)

  • Semi-Wutomatic Fibc Packaging Line (Vertical Screw Type)

Who We Are

Your trusted partner

Shanghai Ailu Package Co., Ltd.(Ailu Group,Stock Code: 301062.SZ) , is a leading provider of flexible packaging solutions for industrial and consumer products, specializing in industrial multi-wall paper bag, plastic packaging, and smart filling systems. Established in 2006, we have grown from a domestic leader in industrial paper packaging to a one-stop offering both industrial and consumer packaging products. Renowned for our efficient production and stable product quality, we serve a diverse range of sectors including chemicals, construction materials, food, and pharmaceuticals.

Holding 94 patents and certified under various international standards like ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000:2018, our brand and products have received significant recognition. As a “Little Giant of Science and Technology” in Shanghai, we are committed to innovative, future-oriented packaging solutions, fostering long-term partnerships and enhancing market share for our clients.

Packaging Applications

Protect and promote your products.Our multi-wall paper packaging and plastic packaging can be customized to meet unique specifications,regulatory compliance,product performance and eye-catching effect across your industry.

Chemicals & Minerals

Innovative Packaging Solutions For Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

Building Materials

Innovative Packaging Solutions For Building Materials Industry

Food Industry

Innovative Packaging Solutions For Food Industry


Innovative Packaging Solutions For the Agricultural Industry

Dairy Industry

Innovative Packaging Solutions For the Dairy Industry

Coffee Industry

Innovative Packaging Solutions For Coffee Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Innovative Packaging Solutions For Pharmaceutical Industry

Animal Nutrition

Innovative Packaging Solutions For Animal Nutrition

Animal & Pet Care

Innovative Packaging Solutions For Animal & Pet Care