Sewn Open Mouth Bag(SOM)

Sewn Open Mouth bag is an open mouth bag that is closed using sewing thread. Open mouth bags are packed on equipment that deposits material into the bag via hopper or vertical filling spout. The bottom of the bag is pre-closed by the bag manufacturer. Once the bag is filled, the flush cut open end of the bag is sewn closed by the user.

SOM bags are closed using sewing thread. SOM bags are a good choice for dry products that do not require barrier protection and can be made to be opened using only a single cord for easy access.

Sewn Open Mouth Bag(SOM)

Features & Benefits

  • Flat Tube or Gusseted
  • Moisture barrier options
  • Sewn closure applied by customer
  • Open on one end and sewn shut on other
  • Flush cut opening
  • Thumb notch available
  • Matte or glossy finish
  • Fully customizable for desired application
Sewn Open Mouth Bag(SOM)


SOM bag with M folds

Width :

Folding Depth :

SOM bag without M folds

Width :
180 mm – 750 mm

Length :
320 mm – 1650 mm

Number of plies :
1 – 6

Colour printing :
Up to 8-colour printing available

Loading Capacity :
10-110lb Capacity

Base paper :
Both bleached and unbleached paper options are on hand, and can be tailored as per specific demands. In case added moisture resistance is needed, polycoated layers or High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) films can be integrated.

Regular sewn or other options

Regular sewn
Cotton filler cord to prevent sifting.In general, this is the most economical Closure Type

Heat Seal
It boasts exceptional leak-proof properties during transportation, preventing powder leakage.


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