Satchel Bottom Open Mouth

The satchel bottom open mouth bag is a merger of 2 distinct bag styles (Block Bottom Bag & Pinch Bottom Open Mouth). This unique bag type offers a square satchel style bottom and sealable open mouth top. Satchel bottom open mouth bags are closed/sealed by Pinch Bag Closers using a pre-applied hot-melt to create sift proof closures. Satchel bottom open mouth bags palletize and transport better than standard PBOM bags due to their square bottom.

Pinch Bottom Open Mouth (PBOM)

Features & Benefits

  • Multiple moisture barrier options
  • Pre-Applied Adhesive for Heat seal closure
  • Convertible into bottom easy-open bag with pull-tab
  • PE tube can be made peelable , no paper fiber after peeling.
  • Matte or glossy finish
  • Leak-proof design capabilities
  • Foil and Mylar liners available for odor protection
  • Contains cartridge material for food grade, clean, moisture resistant, oxygen and water barrier
Satchel Bottom Open Mouth


Width :
180 mm – 740 mm

Bottom :
70 mm – 250 mm

Length :
250 mm – 1310 mm

Number of plies :
1 – 5

Colour printing :
Up to 8-colour printing available

Loading Capacity :
10-110 lb Capacity

Base paper :
Polycoated plies or high-density polyethylene (HDPE) / low-density polyethelyne (LDPE) inliners, metallised and/or aluminium coated paper can be incorporated for enhanced barrier properties and to enable heat sealing.

Heat Seals

The Satchel Bottom Open Mouth bag’s seal is created by folding and welding the innermost paper layer to the outermost paper layer of the bag. To activate the adhesive pre-applied within the opening of the bag, heat is applied to its exterior.

Webb Pinch Vs PBOM

Webb Pinch
The Satchel Bottom Open Mouth (Webb Pinch) bag is a combination of 2 common multi-wall bag styles. Webb Pinch Bags have a square bottom bag rectangular base and a PBOM top (stepped top with pre-coated hot melt adhesive). Webb Pinch Bags can be free-standing and offer better palletizing capabilities than standard PBOM bags.

Pinch Bottom Open Mouth (PBOM) bags are made by folding and securely sealing the top and bottom openings. Filled PBOM bags are rectangular at the bottom and tapered at the top.PBOM and Webb bags offer a wide range of barrier options for optimal product protection.

Benefits of Webb Pinch vs PBOM

Webb Pinch Open Mouth bags offer numerous functional benefits over traditional PBOM bags.

  • Pleasing Bag Form
  • Perfect for retail purposes
  • Increased Stability & Pileability
  • Improved Palletizing Features
    Capability to remain upright without support


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