Categories: News SectionPublished On: 2023年2月16日

Recently, the Shanghai Economic and Information Committee released the “List of 100 Intelligent Factories in Shanghai,” and Shanghai Ailu Packaging Co., Ltd. was honored to be included. The list was compiled through various stages including district (group) recommendations, online evaluations, on-site assessments, defense reviews, and public announcements.

Over the years, Shanghai Ailu has relied on advanced automation terminal equipment and system software platforms to integrate data, achieving transparency, visualization, and real-time data management. This has gradually formed flexible configurations for the industrial chain and supply chain, further promoting the expansion, efficiency, and quality improvement of intelligent factories.

ERP System:
Integrated ERP system covering business and finance, including technology research and development, sales, work orders, material planning, procurement, outsourcing, production, inventory, and financial management.
MES System:
Deployment of MES systems in all workshops covering production scheduling, dispatching, material calling (ESOP), reporting, data collection, labeling, and traceability.
WMS System:
Integrated management of stacker crane, flat storage, and line-side storage covering all warehouse logistics operations. Warehouse logistics management is visualized and integrated with PDA terminal operations.
BI System:
Business intelligence analysis system to achieve real-time, transparent, and visualized operational data, driving business decision-making through data.

Shanghai Ailu’s core production equipment comes from the German WH fully automated assembly line, realizing efficient production with minimal human intervention and partial unmanned operations. In terms of warehousing and logistics, the company has nearly ten thousand intelligent storage locations, enabling intelligent warehousing and shipment without manual intervention. The workshop utilizes full-scenario AGV transportation, creating an efficient and collaborative digital factory.

Looking ahead, intelligent factories have undoubtedly become the main battleground for manufacturing enterprises’ digital transformation. At the beginning of 2023, Shanghai Ailu, with its complete digital industrial scale and advanced digital development concepts, has become a benchmark enterprise in the intelligent manufacturing industry. The company will continue to vigorously promote the construction of intelligent digital factories, respond more quickly to customer needs, and provide better services and products to global partners.