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On May 10th, the Fourth Food Formulation Innovation SHOW officially unveiled the list of FFIS2024 Innovation Awards. Over 20 expert judges conducted a comprehensive evaluation of innovative entries from around the globe based on five dimensions: innovation level, technical difficulty, project feasibility, green sustainability, and cost control. Shanghai Ailu’s ESpeed™ Paper-based Packaging Free Of Plastic Film stood out among 185 entries, winning the FFIS2024 Technical Innovation Breakthrough Award with a second-place finish, thanks to its innovative packaging design and cutting-edge technology.

Award-Winning Product: ESpeed™ Paper-based Packaging Free Of Plastic Film

The ESpeed™ Paper-based Packaging Free Of Plastic Film series replaces plastic lamination with a water-based emulsion coating, achieving an innovative plastic-free heat-sealable packaging process. These products are easily recyclable and reusable, supporting the development of a circular economy. After use, the packaging can be directly entered into the recycling pulping system, with a recyclable fiber content of over 90%, meeting the requirements of EU CEPI, PTS, and DIN recycling systems. Additionally, ESpeed™ offers excellent equipment compatibility, meaning downstream brand owners can switch to this packaging without the need for any specialized equipment, enabling direct material replacement.

FFIS Expert Reviews

Hu Haie, Chief Engineer of R&D, Dongpeng Special Drink:
“The plastic-free paper-based packaging replaces plastic lamination with a water-based emulsion coating, achieving heat-sealable characteristics without plastic. It is easy to recycle and supports the circular economy. It has a low sealing temperature, high thermal conductivity, excellent heat-seal performance, low equipment energy consumption, high production efficiency, and is safe and reliable.”

Wei Bing, Deputy General Manager of Supply Chain Division, Comvita:
“Replacing plastic with paper offers multiple natural advantages, such as renewability, recyclability, and biodegradability, preventing it from becoming a source of ecological pollution.”

Rao Pingfan, Academician/Professor, Zhejiang Gongshang University:
“A highly competitive new packaging technology.”

Chen Sheng, Deputy General Manager of R&D, Nichirei Foods:
“The combination of paper materials with a plastic-free solution has significant environmental implications.”

Making Products More Environmentally Friendly and Safer for Humanity

Shanghai Ailu’s ESpeed™ Paper-based Packaging Free Of Plastic Film winning the Technical Innovation Breakthrough Award showcases the company’s ability to maintain high-quality growth, continuously unleash product innovation and R&D capabilities, and embody a brand spirit of keeping pace with the market and daring to advance. The company’s development philosophy is “empowering partners through packaging.”

In a world increasingly focused on sustainable development, Shanghai Ailu has always been committed to reducing the environmental impact of its operations. The company actively implements measures to mitigate and adapt to climate change, continuously taking practical actions to carry out a sustainable development strategy themed “Green and Environmental Protection.”

From reducing pollutant emissions, optimizing process technology, enhancing equipment efficiency, and saving and recycling raw and auxiliary materials to designing green and ecological products, the company promotes responsible operations and achieves green, low-carbon development. From product raw materials to product design, the company leverages the environmental advantages of innovative materials, integrating the concept of sustainable development into the entire product lifecycle and accelerating the green technological revolution.

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