Categories: News SectionPublished On: 2024年5月1日

April 22nd of this year marks the 55th “World Earth Day”.

Cycling, as an energy-saving and emission-reducing activity, not only provides full energy but also reduces exhaust pollution caused by private car travel. In line with the theme of “Cherish the Earth, Harmony between Humans and Nature” for this year’s World Earth Day, Shanghai Ailu initiated an outdoor cycling event, integrating the company’s concept of “green, low-carbon, and sustainable” development into daily life, advocating for the Earth and symbiotic coexistence with all things.

As the morning sun bathed the earth, cycling enthusiasts from Shanghai Ailu gathered at Shanyang Countryside to embark on this green journey together. Along the way, surrounded by picturesque scenery and lush trees, everyone not only enjoyed the pleasure of cycling but also actively promoted the concept of low-carbon travel through their actions.

During the event, mutual encouragement and assistance were prevalent, whether during long-distance cycling or interactive games, demonstrating Shanghai Ailu’s strong cohesion and resilience. On the path of pursuing green development, the people of Ailu are moving forward hand in hand, jointly undertaking the responsibility of protecting the Earth.

Shanghai Ailu practices the cultural concept of green and low-carbon living through practical actions, allowing employees to personally experience the joy of a low-carbon lifestyle and spreading positive environmental energy.