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In the global wave of environmental protection, we have arrived at a groundbreaking moment! As an advocate and pioneer of sustainable packaging, Shanghai Ailu, driven by its forward-thinking environmental philosophy and technological prowess, has spent five years and completed ten generations of product iterations to successfully launch ESpeed™ Paper-based Packaging Free Of Plastic Film. Once again, leading the industry, this innovation achieves 100% recyclability of packaging materials, enhances the texture and safety of packaging, and provides consumers with a “natural and healthy” perception experience while deeply caring for the planet’s environment.

Shanghai Ailu’s ESpeed™ Paper-based Packaging Free Of Plastic Film employs a water-based emulsion coating, completely abandoning traditional plastic film and lamination. This allows for high-speed online heat sealing, suitable for industrial production, and can directly enter the recycling system. The significant environmental benefits of ESpeed™ Paper-based Packaging Free Of Plastic Film have garnered increasing favor from both brands and consumers. Shanghai Ailu has established close partnerships with many fast-moving consumer goods brands, embarking on a path of green packaging innovation. We invite your attention and participation to navigate towards a green future for our planet together.

Sincere Invitation
Date: June 21, 2024


Eco-friendly Lawn, Shanghai Botanical Garden

Highlights of the Launch Event:
The event will showcase the unique charm of the new ESpeed™ product, inviting government officials, industry experts, company representatives, and media friends to discuss the future trends of eco-friendly packaging. Renowned media such as China Securities Journal, Shanghai Securities News, Securities Daily, and Securities Times will provide comprehensive and in-depth coverage of the event from multiple angles.

This is not just a product launch but a profound dialogue about the environment, health, and the future. We sincerely invite you to join us at the launch event to witness this milestone in green packaging! Let us work together to contribute to environmental protection and create a green, healthy, and sustainable future!

Product Features:
Plastic-Free Safety, Continuous Renewal: Made from virgin wood pulp, completely free of plastic components, safe, reliable, and renewable, reducing environmental burden throughout the product’s life cycle.
Efficient Recycling, Accelerated Circulation: Free of plastic film and lamination, making it easy to recycle and pulp, significantly shortening the recycling cycle.
Strong Compatibility, Seamless Transition: Compatible with existing machines, requiring no new equipment purchases, reducing costs, and aiding companies in green transitions.
Efficient Operation, User-Friendly: Features low-temperature, high-strength heat sealing, enabling efficient packaging while maintaining easy-tear properties to enhance consumer experience.

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