Categories: News SectionPublished On: 2024年7月9日

In June 2024, Shanghai Ailu showcased its groundbreaking AiTop™ Plastic Free Valve Bag at the Sika Asia Pacific Innovation & Sustainability Packaging Challenge (SIS PAC). With exceptional performance, Ailu claimed the top prize, solidifying its pioneering position in the eco-friendly packaging industry. This achievement highlights Ailu’s innovative prowess and demonstrates the leading-edge advancements of Chinese companies in green packaging.

After months of intense competition, from registration to evaluation and finally the award ceremony, this event captured global attention. The challenge brought together 44 elite companies from 11 countries, all vying for the top spot. Ultimately, at the finals in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Ailu’s AiTop™ Plastic Free Valve Bag impressed the judges with its undeniable strength, showcasing the company’s robust research and development capabilities.

The AiTop™ Plastic Free Valve Bag breaks free from traditional plastic constraints, utilizing an eco-friendly water-based coating that enhances recyclability and regeneration. It seamlessly integrates the principles of a circular economy, setting a new benchmark for green packaging and leading the way in sustainable packaging innovation.

Shanghai Ailu is actively leading the green packaging trend with concrete actions. The victory of the AiTop™ Plastic Free Valve Bag affirms the company’s commitment to environmental values and technological innovation. This accomplishment marks a significant milestone for Ailu and a giant leap forward for the green packaging sector. We are confident that Shanghai Ailu will continue to make strides on the path of sustainable development, guiding the industry towards a greener and brighter future. Let’s look forward to seeing how Ailu continues to innovate, bringing more surprises and changes to the world, and making green the dominant color in the packaging industry.

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