Categories: News SectionPublished On: 2023年12月13日

On December 12th-13th, 2023, the “National Premixed Mortar Industry Conference” and the “Premixed Mortar Sub-association of China Building Materials Association” were held at the Beijing Longxi Weijing International Conference Center. Shanghai Ailu Packaging Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the conference as the Vice Chairman Unit of the Premixed Mortar Sub-association of China Building Materials Association.

During the award ceremony, several honors for the industry in 2023 were announced, recognizing member units and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the premixed mortar industry.
Mr. Chen Ankang, Chairman of Shanghai Ailu Packaging Co., Ltd., was honored as the “Leading Figure of the Premixed Mortar Industry in 2023”; the company was awarded the “Influential Brand in the Premixed Mortar Industry in 2023”; and Mr. Yuan Caigen, Director of Innovation Center at Shanghai Ailu Packaging Co., Ltd., was granted the title of “Outstanding Worker in the Premixed Mortar Industry in 2023.”

During the thematic sharing session, Mr. Zhao Bo, Market Product Director of Shanghai Ailu Packaging Co., Ltd., took the stage to exchange ideas with peers on the theme of “Cross-border Fast-moving Consumer Goods Packaging Thinking, Empowering New Ideas in the Building Materials Industry.”

Starting from the three dimensions of “long-term nature, critical decision-making, and on-demand service” in the building materials industry, Mr. Zhao engaged in interactive discussions with participants on the topic of “whether fast-moving consumer goods thinking can be applied to the building materials industry.” Through case studies on cross-border marketing, they jointly explored the possibility of digital marketing empowering new retail.

The conference, themed “Ten Years of Diligence, Moving Forward Again,” focused deeply on new opportunities, trends, and tracks in the mortar industry’s development. Over 30 authoritative experts shared insights on new technologies, products, and processes in the mortar industry, and the “China Premixed Mortar Industry Ten-Year Rapid Development Blue Book” was released.

As a leading brand in the high-end packaging field, Shanghai Ailu will continue to provide innovative packaging solutions with stable and high-quality standards for the building materials industry. It aims to better empower the Chinese building materials industry and align perfectly with international future development trends.