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Industry Multi-Wall Paper Bag
  • High-quality – Plastic-free valve paper bags are designed to meet industry application requirements.
  • Recyclable – The entire bag can be directly recycled into the paper mill pulping system.
  • Reducing plastic – Innovative moisture-proof coatings replace plastic films.
  • Carbon reduction – Reduce the carbon footprint generated by the use of non-renewable materials.
Industry Plastic Packaging
  • Efficient – labyrinthine channel design for more efficient loading and exhaust.
  • Protection – high strength, tear-resistant packaging for cleaner and safer transportation.
  • Recyclable – made of single PE material, easier to recycle.
  • Moisture-proof – extends the shelf life of products.
AiSheet ™ Performance Sheet
  • Lock Freshness – Seals in the authentic freshness of ingredients by blocking oxygen.
  • Extend Shelf Life – Extends shelf life by 6-12 months.
  • Easy Peel – Packaging can be easily opened by children, allowing for easy enjoyment of deliciousness.
  • Enhance Beauty – Precisely presents brand image through precise printing and vacuum forming.
ESpeed ™ Paper-based Packaging Free Of Plastic Film
  • Plastic-Free – Paper-based packaging with no plastic coating or lamination on the surface.
  • Recyclable – Can be recycled through conventional channels, directly pulped for papermaking.
  • Compatible – Compatible with various existing machine models, seamless switching.
  • High-Speed – Ultra-low temperature heat sealing, high-speed packaging.
  • Easy Opening – Convenient to open the bag at will, no need to search for tear notches.
Intelligent Filling Equipment
  • Integration and automation
  • Providing complete solutions for conveyor, palletizing, and shrink wrapping equipment.

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