Categories: News SectionPublished On: 2023年9月12日

On September 12, 2023, the 2023 Shanghai Top 100 Enterprises News Conference, jointly hosted by the Shanghai Enterprise Federation, the Shanghai Entrepreneurs Association, the Shanghai Economic Association, and the Liberation Daily, was held at the China Financial Information Center Conference Hall.

During the conference, lists such as the 2023 Shanghai Top 100 Enterprises, the 2023 Shanghai Top 100 Private Enterprises, and the 2023 Shanghai Top 100 Emerging Industry Enterprises were released. Shanghai Ailu Packaging Co., Ltd. was ranked 77th among the Top 100 Private Manufacturing Enterprises.

Brand innovation and sustainable development empower corporate vitality.

Innovation is the soul of enterprises. In the era of digital intelligence, enterprises need to navigate through uncertainties, complexities, and even uncharted territories. Shanghai Ailu has repeatedly been listed among the top 100 enterprises, focusing on “brand innovation and channel advancement as the foundation, and digitalization and intelligence as the accelerators.” The company continuously enhances its operational management capabilities, aligns with national strategies, adheres to long-term altruistic principles, and explores transformational efficiency enhancement methods.

The Shanghai Top 100 Enterprises list not only reflects the strength of Shanghai’s enterprises but also signifies the transition of its economy towards high-quality development. Since its inception in 2005, this list has been highly valued and recognized by party committees, governments, enterprises, and society at all levels. In the future, Shanghai Ailu will adhere to sustainable development as its strategic goal, promote steady and far-reaching enterprise development, and make new contributions to the high-quality development of Shanghai’s economy.