R & D

We are dedicated to continuous innovation and improvement, ensuring to consistently provide our customers with superior solutions.

Abundant Patent Technologies

Ailu holds 94 patents, accumulating rich innovation achievements and technological expertise in research and development, providing a solid foundation for product uniqueness and competitive advantage.

Material and Process Research Capability

Ailu possesses profound material and process research capabilities, continuously optimizing the material composition and manufacturing processes of industrial paper bags and plastic bags to enhance product performance and quality.


Customized R&D Capability

Ailu offers customized R&D services tailored to meet the specific needs of customers, including customized paper bags, plastic bags, and filling production lines, providing personalized solutions to meet their specific application requirements.


Innovative R&D Center Support

Ailu has established a dedicated Innovation Research and Development Center, bringing together an experienced and skilled R&D team capable of continuously driving the research, development, and application of new products, technologies, and processes.