EZ Pull Tape

The Easy Open concept features an EZ pull tape at the bag. The EZ pull tape is simply pulled as indicated on the bag and the two sides can now simply be parted to access the filling good. EZ pull tape makes opening any type of bag fast, safe and clean. You no longer need to worry about contaminating the filling good and can avoid handling sharp knives.


  • Safety first
  • Avoid contamination
  • Quick and easy opening
  • Clean handling of the content
  • Customisable to all types of bags


Bag Body
The outer paper layer can be easily unwrapped, allowing for the quick and clean removal of the inner PE bag. This ensures that the materials are not contaminated before use. This feature is commonly used for food-grade and pharmaceutical-grade customers.

Bag Bottom
Both the top and bottom ends can have EZ pull tape added, facilitating the quick opening of various types of bags for end users to pour out the contents easily.

Both Bag Body And Bag Bottom Can Have EZ Pull Tape Added
Both bag body and bag bottom can have EZ pull tape added,simplifying the process of swiftly opening a range of bag types, making it effortless for end-users to effortlessly pour out the contents.

Available For

Pasted valve bags

Pasted Valve Bag

Pinch Bottom Open Mouth (PBOM)

Block Bottom Bag

Block Bottom Bag

Satchel Bottom Open Mouth (Webb Pinch)

Satchel Bottom Open Mouth (Webb Pinch)

All Sizes Bags